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ZTS Sabinov

ZTS Sabinov

employs currently 250 employees and average annual production volume is approx. EUR 18 million. Corporate development is provided for by own development of products according to customers’ needs.
We provide engineering counselling services for our customers.
Furthermore, in addition to the main business activity, offers cooperation to mechanical machining materials for fleet use conditions below. manufacturing accuracy is ensured in tolerance values with a degree of accuracy from IT 06.

modern technology ...

Machine park and its basic technical parameters:

históriaMaterial dividing and blending:

- band saw max. cut 350mm

históriaLathe Work:

• Centre lathes with turning length up to 1500 mm and turning diameter max. up to ø 400mm
• NC lathes for flange and shaft parts with maximal turning length up to 1500mm and maximal turning diameter up to ø 400mm
• Carrousel works with maximal turning diameter up to ø 1250mm.
- circulating ø 500-1000 mm, turning length up to 2500 mm
Numerically controlled LATHES:
- turning ø to 1250 mm, turning length 1800 mm
CNC universal lathes:
- max. swing diameter over bed 800mm, turning length 800 mm


Coordinates Drill:
- max. working range 1000x1360x1000, max. drilling ø 40-50mm
Turntable Drill:
- fixating desktop 1820x926 mm, max. spindle distance from base desk 1458 mm, max. drilling ø 63 mm


Center And Universal Grinder:
- max. grinding ø 630mm, max. grinding length 3000mm
Flatwise grinder:
- fixating desktop 200x630mm, max. grinding height 230mm
Grinder for openings:
- max. grinding ø 630mm, grinding length 500mm
CNC cylindrical ID grinder:
- max. grinding ø 110mm, grinding length 200mm

históriaSlotting /broaching:

Vertical Slotter:
- slotting height 0-700mm, Chuck diameter ø 630mm
Horizontal Broaching Machine:
- max. lift height 1950mm

históriaMachining centers:

- working range X=1600mm, Y=1000mm, Z=800mm
- working range X=1270mm, Y=610mm, Z=860mm
- working range X=800mm, Y=800mm, Z=800mm

históriaGearing manufacture:

• Gearing milling – module in range 0,5 - 12 up to milling diameter ø 1000
• Maximal gearing width 500mm
• Gearing slotting - module 12 maximum up to slotting diameter ø 500, maximal gearing width 200mm
• Gearing grinding module in the range 2-12, up to grinding diameter ø630, maximal gearing width 160.
• Gearing Control Machine: 3D measuring machine X=850, Y=1200, Z=600

históriaThermal Treatment:

Thermal treatment is realized in our company mainly in shaft furnaces type R.SH.ZM and a part is realized in bell furnaces type ZNO. As a blurring medium are used water and oil. Hardening room staff has rich experience in realization of wide range of thermal treatment mainly in thermal treatment of construction steels area and selected types of tool steel. Our main aim is quality and customer satisfaction.

Our offer:
- cementation- in nitrogen-methanol atmosphere with automatic control Cp (measured by oxygen probe)
- nitration – in gas
- refinement – in protective atmosphere (PA)
- hardening after cementation in protective atmosphere
- hardening and tempering in protective atmosphere
- annealing – for lowering of internal tenseness with possibility of realization in nitrogen atmosphere
- softy with possibility of realization in nitrogen atmosphere
- normalization annealing with possibility of realization in protective atmosphere
- blasting – with steel balls or with cast iron rubble
- metalografical analysis and hardness tests on a wide range of various scleroscopes
- technical advice at selection of optimal thermal treatment
Useful proportions of furnaces:
Cementation and nitration – realization in furnaces typeR.SH.ZM, max. ø 650 x 1600mm
Refinement without PA – realization in furnaces typeR.SH.ZM, max. ø 800 x 1600mm
Hardening after cementation in PA – realization in furnaces typeR.SH.ZM, max. ø 650 x 1600mm
Annealing in PA – realization in furnaces typeR.SH.ZM, max. ø 650 x 1600mm
Annealing without PA – realization in furnaces type ZNO, max. ø 1200 x 2200mm
Blasting – na zariadení typu STEM max. ø 900 x 1400mm, max.500kg

históriaLocksmith works:

• highly qualified mounting works on transference equipments

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