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The company ZTS Sabinov, a.s.

employs currently 250 employees and average annual production volume is approx. EUR 18 million. Corporate development is provided for by own development of products according to customers’ needs.

We provide engineering counselling services for our customers.

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Core business of the company consists of production of the gearboxes. ZTS Sabinov, a.s., manufactures following gearbox types:

Gearboxes are made both as standard gearboxes – various types and sizes and non-standard – produced based on customers’ requirements.

Strengths of the company ZTS Sabinov, a.s.:

  • system approaches to quality management
  • qualified company staff
  • productive technologies
  • affordable prices
  • flexibility

Approximately 90% of our production is exported abroad, whereas largest export territories include: China, Germany, USA, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Great Britain, Ireland, Ukraine, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, South Asia countries etc. The company sells its products abroad via both sales representations and directly to end customers. Gearboxes are exported indirectly, as well, i.e. by suppliers of investment gross (technologies) as sugar – refineries, metalurgical plants, cement & calc producing plants, brickyards, power stations etc. and also as parts of final devices used in enterprises referred to.

export ZTS Sabinov, a.s.

All processes within the company comply with the regulations EN ISO 9001:2000. This system guarantees constant improvement not only of products and managed processes, but also provides for tracking and satisfaction of our customers' needs.
The company ZTS Sabinov, a.s. is also active in the field of system approach solutions of environmental management according to requirements of EN ISO 14001 regulation, what is the most efficient method, how to improve impacts of business activities on environment. Decrease of energy demandingness, efficient use and selection of raw materials and cutting down costs of waste recycling are contribution, as well.
In the field of satisfaction of general customer’s needs, the company strives for increasingly higher quality of services, products and top-class service.

quality ZTS Sabinov, a.s.


To create and offer driving gear solutions for world in motion.


Future of the company is related to meeting a few basic goals. One of the most significant ones is satisfaction of requirements of current and potential customers, namely from the view of volume of products sold, composition of product range and constant growth of technical level and utility parameters of products.
In order to meet this goal, the company has set out processes, starting from continuous innovation of current products, development of new products, including investment optimisation for the provision of efficient production, up to ecological production waste disposal.
In the employer position, the company ZTS Sabinov, a.s. intends to further act in responsible manner, as a company with good reputation and dynamic development that creates stable and prospective working background for its current and potential employees.


Trust and accountability - are basic for building open relations with business partners.
Tradition and quality - are bearing pillars of the company.
Stability- the company maintains long-term economic stability interconnected with growth of company value.
Loyalty – is a result of identification of employees with quality policy and loyalty support by employees.
Innovativeness - the company develops constantly new products, introduces innovative technologies with the aim to meet and exceed expectations of business partners.


Business strategy of the company is performed in global areas of trade, by concentration of resources of the joint-stock company in order to achieve long-term growth and profitability at affordable prices and compliance with social and ecological responsibility. In the field of internal structure of the company, the cornerstone is teamwork focused on constant increase of performance and efficiency, improvement of own abilities, structures and processes, support of origination of implementation and innovation at all levels. productive technology productive technology productive technology productive technology productive technology
For more information, please refer to PDF file: 50 years of machine engineering production /3,14 MB/

Foundations of mechanical engineering in joint-stock company ZTS Sabinov were laid in 1957. Until 1957, District industrial combine associating diverse handicraft manufacture of small plants, which originated from former private workshops, was operating in Sabinov. In order to improve level of individual activities, regional partnerships of local granges were created. In such manner, locksmith and car repair shop activities were included in Kovospracujúci podnik KNV Prešov (metal-working partnership Prešov) and a plant was established in Sabinov.

obrácač sena VERTEX základný kameň nového závodu výstavba nového závodu výstavba nového závodu stará montáž prevodoviek obrábacie centrum

The beginnings were rather difficult. Production programme consisted of manufacture of various kinds of gates, fencing and major repairs of cargo vehicles. Stepwise, the production programme started to change at transition to batch production. Now it is necessary to mention namely tedder VERTEX, various kinds of temperers, FEKA pumps and the first export product – motor cart MV 250. With gradual increase of this production, the plant was losing its local industry nature and was increasingly approaching machine engineering plant by its production scheme and work flow organization.
Hence, in order to work out men employment in Nothern part of Prešov district, the company gets included into the national enterprise Agrostroj Prostějov as of January 1st, 1966. Here, the new history of this factory starts. The plant started to produce agricultural equipment as grubers, various kinds of soil stabilizers etc. However, it was a short period and as of January 1st, 1969, further delimitation occurs, when the plant passes in sphere of authority of the national enterprise VSS Košice. Production of agricultural equipment is finished and new products are launched. This concerns namely introduction of production of tank trailers, CN 22 chassis and partly of smaller types of transmission cases. Throughout the year 1974, production of transmission cases becomes supporting production programme and production of sheet metal folders, as well, however, to a minor extent. Analogous composition of production range persists until today, only with small alternations.
For the staff of the factory, the year 1977 was substantial due to the fact that cornerstone for finishing of the new factory construction had been laid.
In the year 1983, construction of this factory was finished, whereby working conditions of employees were substantially improved.

Further period of the history of the factory is post-delimitation period:

May 1th, 1990 the company detached from the plant ZTS Košice and a combine plant ZTS Sabinov, combine ZTS Martin was created.
On July 1st, 1990 the combine ZTS Martin was split and national enterprise ZTS Sabinov was created.
On May 1st, 1992 the organization ZTS Sabinov, joint-stock company was established by the National Property Fund of the Slovak republic Bratislava, which took over the production programme from the national enterprise.
May 1st, 2000 economic rent of the foundry Hronec - plant ZTS Sabinov, a.s.
October 1st, 2001 the company ZLH, a.s. , 083 30 Sabinov, plant Hronec is established that operates as a self-contained company.
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