Universal worm gearboxes

- UCG, UCG-p
Gearboxes UZP

Gearboxes UCG, UCG-p

They are designed for reduction of revolutions of prime mover to input revolutions of working machine (equipment) at constant gear ratio.
Gearboxes are designed for direct connection to driving and driven machine most commonly by flexible shaft coupling. Use of gearboxes is universal.
Gearboxes are designed using universal modular-design principle. They can be operated in various positions, what allows appropriately shaped foot in gearbox bodies.
Gearing is proportioned to service life time 20 000 hours. Worms are made of high quality steel alloys and they are chemically and thermally processed.
Worm body is made of high quality bronze. High rigidity of teeth allows reasonable impact load of gearboxes.

Labelling of gearboxes UCG, UCG-P

UCG line contains the following types:

TypeRange of gearsScope of power output [kW]Weight [kg]
UCG-2005 - 6,35,38 - 31240
UCG-2505 - 6,38,6 - 53402
UCG-3156,3 - 6314,6 - 60702
UCG-P-20080 - 16000,68 - 7,18282
UCG-P-25080 - 16001,09 - 11,9478
UCG-P-31580 - 16002,29 - 23,9842
Further information: catalogue in PDF ... Catalogue UCG, UCG-P /205 kB/
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