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Core business of the company consists of production of the gearboxes. ZTS Sabinov, a.s., manufactures following gearbox types, arranged by gear design type:

• spur
• bevel
• bevel & spur
• worm
• planetary

According to application type,

gearboxes are divided in these groups:
• gearboxes for concrete mixer drum drive, stationary concreting plants
• gearboxes for conveyor belts
• gearboxes for cooling towers
• gearboxes – final gears for mobile construction machines
• gearboxes designed for power drive of equipment for railway carriages
• other – developed and produced based on customers’ specification (gearboxes for crushers, woodworking machines, rolling lines...)

The plant ZTS Sabinov a.s. sells its products to domestic market, but namely abroad to end users directly or via sales representations.

Gearboxes TSA 031

TSA 031:

TSA gearboxes consist of 9 types of spur bevel and bevel & spur gearboxes in four or six sizes. These gearboxes are designed using modular principle, what allows arranging various further versions with maintained axial distances and gears according to standardized row. Spur involute gearing is healical, corrected; bevel gear units are made with OERLIKON- ELOID-N gear design.

Catalogue TSA 031

Gearboxes EP


EP 1 and EP 41 - single reduction planetary gearbox
EP 5 - single/double reduction planetary gearbox
EP 4, EP 6 and EP 7 - double reduction planetary gearboxes and triple reduction planetary gearbox.
These are compact drives created by connection of planetary gearbox and electric motor.
According to customers's requirements, planetary gearboxes may be delivered with modifications:
- other electric motor
- other version of connecting flange
- version without electric motor

Catalogue EP

Prevodovka UCG


This line of gearboxes is based on worm gear set designed in modular system. In this manner, gearbox with worm or spur counter gear may be used.
These gearbox lines are used in similar applications as TSA 031, which make use of the advantage of worm gearing – silent operation and self-locking feature in higher gears.

Catalogue UZP    Catalogue UCG

Gearboxes TSP Gearboxes TSR


The design of spur and bevel & spur gearboxes is adapted to heavy working conditions and explosive environment (as in mining and power engineering industry) and the body moulds and housing cover, heat-treated shafts and gearing, bearings and labyrinth seals combined with rubber seals supplied by reputable companies meet that.
Gearboxes TSP and TSR are made in 2 sizes (TSP, TSR-355; TSP,TSR-400) and 3 versions:
- double reduction spur gearbox TSP2
- triple reduction spur gearbox TSP3
- triple reduction bevel & spur gearbox TSR3

Catalogue TSP,TSR 355    Catalogue TSP,TSR 400



Gearboxes PM, PMC and PMK are designed for direct drum drive of concrete mixer with drum working volume 6 – 16 m3. Drum of concrete mixer body is in application assembled to gearbox driving flange that transmits torque from fluid motor to concrete mixer drum. Gearbox serves concurrently for mounting of front part of drum. Gearboxes PM 51 are delivered as alternative ones, with water pump drive (mark no.1)
and without water pump drive (mark no. 2), whereas in case of the alternative with water pump drive, two versions are possible: right – left. Various types of fluid motors produced may be used for drive.

Catalogue PM and PSB

Gearbox PSB


Gearboxes of PSB type serve for drive of stationary concreting plants. They are made in 5 sizes: PSB 500, PSB 1000, PSB 1500, PSB 2500 and PSB 3000, according to drum volume of concreting plant. Gearboxes PSB 500 and 1000 are double reduction planetary gearboxes delivered as compact unit with electric motor. Electric motor is connected to gearbox via flange, whereas sun wheel of 1st stage is fixed directly onto shaft of electric motor. Gearboxes PSB 1500, PSB 2500 and PSB 3000 are worked out as double reduction planetary gearboxes with bevel counter gear. On the side of output shaft, they are equipped with a flange that allows connection to electric motor via cardan shaft. Besides standard gear ratios, it is possible to order various non-standard gears.

Catalogue PM and PSB

Gearbox KCV


KCV gearboxes are designed for drive of cooling tower fans.
They are made in 4 sizes and various gears:
- KCV6
- KCV8
- KCV10
- KCV12
Gearbox design allows use of special accessories, according to customers' requirements. Gearings are specially heat-treated. Lubricating system is integrated to gearboxes.

Catalogue KCV

Gearbox DBP 160

DBP 160:

Winch DBP-160 is a device that serves for lifting and lowering of upper platform of a railway carriage for transportation of cars. Spur gearbox, on which output shaft, two cable drums are fixed is its main part. A part of the winch is friction-disk brake, which secures safe stop and locking of load in any position during lifting or lowering. Winch is further equipped with friction safety slip clutch that protects it from overload and also with centrifugal catch (secondary protection) that blocks lowering if safety slip clutch malfunctions.

A large group consists of non-standard gearboxes projected and produced based on customers' specifications or customer drawings.

Non-standard gearboxes Non-standard gearboxes
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